Lane Lincoln appreciates its pastor

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by John Smith

Sunday marked the third anniversary for Lane Lincoln’s ministers, Rev. Aaron and Shavone Moss Sr., to be with the church. Their escorts were Tyrone and Shirl Wooten. They were given flowers and many words of encouragement from Rev. Starks and Bishop King.

John Thurman was master of ceremony, Elizabeth Bell was the chairperson for the day and Sue Ann Best extended words of welcome to the guests and friends. The Lane Lincoln Choir was at their best in singing. Rev. James Stark provided the morning sermon. He introduced the newly-elected bishop of the conference, Bishop Charles J. King Jr. His sermon was entitled “A man after God’s own heart.” The services were very inspiring to all. Rev. Moss’s mother was in attendance. She had worked the entire evening, but came to support her son on his day.

Rev. Moss Sr. said he “appreciated the love and support that Lane Lincoln had given him and his family throughout the three years he has been there.” He looks forward to continuing where he left off. “Lane Lincoln has made us feel like family and we love you for that. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel to the conference this week and hopefully will return as your pastor.”

Tony Stewart presented the couple gifts from Lane Lincoln, First Baptist and the community of Hodgenville.

The members of Lane Lincoln have been blessed with many accomplishments and achievements under the leadership of Pastor Moss. Many souls have been added to the church and he never fails to visit the sick in the community with communion regardless if it’s a member of Lane Lincoln or First Baptist. He has been very instrumental to the youth as well as fellowship with Rev. Jerry Wilkinson and First Baptist where they fellowship with one another on every fifth Sunday morning.

Shavone said they “felt the love” when they first arrived at Lane Lincoln.

“The church family welcomed us with open arms, and we felt like we were part of their family as well. They have been nice to my husband and children especially when at times our son cries quite a bit, you understood. Thank you so very much for your love and support.”

After morning services, a lovely meal was provided by the culinary department of Lane Lincoln.