Land of Lincoln Planning and Zoning Permits

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April 2013
Paul Handley, Campbellsville Road, frame storage building

Dale Keith, Keith Road, frame garage

Billy Ward, Tom Priddy Road, Upton, singlewide residence

Brenda Johnson, Weldon Loop Road, Upton, rezoning A-1 to R-1A

Jean Nelson, Skaggs Road, Buffalo, land division plat

David Perkins, Bailey Road, Mount Sherman, land division plat

Patricia Bischoff, Attila Road, Campbellsville, land division plat

Adrian Milby, Munfordville Road, Sonora, land division plat

Garry Hayes, Knob Schoolhouse Road, Sonora, rezoning A-1 to R-1B

Deborah Cruse, Underwood Avenue, Hodgenville, frame carport

Gart Brown, Dangerfield Road, Hodgenville, post storage building

Susan Triplett, East Forest Avenue, Hodgenville, pre-fab storage

James D. Pullin Jr., Keith Road, frame residence

James R. Lee, New Jackson Hwy., Magnolia, land division plat

Josh Puckett, S. Dixie Hwy., Upton, post storage building

Gary Puckett, Old Dixie Loop, Upton, frame garage

Martha Stephens, White City Road, Hodgenville, post deck

Howard Brown  Estate, Oak Hill Road, Sonora, land division plat

Roseanne McDaniel, Oak Hill Road,  Sonora, pre-fab storage

Curt Traxler, Logan Skaggs Road, Buffalo, singlewide residence

Mary White, Ennis Mill Road, post deck

Records are compiled from Land of Lincoln Planning and Zoning permits issued.