Land of Lincoln Planning and Zoning Building Permits

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Information supplied by Land of Lincoln Planning and Zoning
 February 2014
Randall Redman, Childress Road, Magnolia, residence
Eddie Skaggs, Corinth Road, land division
Michael Harmon, Bailey Road, Mount Sherman, residence
Charles Stults, Barren Run Road, residence
Dale Embree, Hill Street, Hodgenville, deck
Michael Abell, Tonieville Road, garage
Kenny Gardner, Hawkins Road, residence
Jeremy Bland, Woebegona Way, Hodgenville, residence
Brian Riggs, Knob Schoolhouse Road, residence
Tommy Gardner, Lincoln Farm Road, commercial
Aleasha Sutherland, Ferrill Hill Road, Buffalo, accident repair

March 2014
Mark Harris, 109 and 111 Bluegrass Drive, Hodgenville, duplex
Mark Harris, Lincoln Loop, Hodgenville, duplex
Steve Heinrich, Slack Road, residence (pre-fab)
Track Shacks, West High Street, Hodgenville, storage
Paul Fultz, Carter Brothers Road, land division
Neal Puckett, Mount Sherman Road, Magnolia, garage
Christina Laughner, West Water Street, pool
Bruce McClure, Greensburg Road, Hodgenville, residence (addition)
Rick Ogletree, Kirkpatrik Avenue, Hodgenville, deck
Gary and Anna Bailey, South Walters Street, Hodgenville, roof
Ron Durfee, Maxine Road, residence
Nick Brooks, Ferrill Hill Road, Buffalo, residence
Branden Marshall, Greensburg Street, Hodgenville, duplex

April 2014
Todd Morris, Greensburg Road, Buffalo    
Hodges Auction, Eagle Mills Road, Sonora, land division
Kathy Williams, Greensburg Road, Buffalo, land division
Roderick Conner, River Road, New Haven,    letter
Sherry Rock, Country Lane, Magnolia, land division
David Lombardi, Salem Lake Road, residence
Kathy Kessinger, West Maple Avenue, Hodgenville, porch
Harvey Phillips, Middle Creek Road, residence
Windle Causey, Harned McCubbin Road, letter
Donna Coffey, Keith Road, Buffalo, pool
Faye Nicholas, Lincoln Farm Road, pool
Rose Cottrell, Buds Lake Road, Sonora, storage
Eddie Bowen, Thomas Lane, Magnolia, rezoning
Jason Salsman, 1036 Old Sonora Road, land division
James Dewitt, 561 Spencer School Road, residence
Jackie McClure, Ferrill Hill Road, Buffalo, garage
Randy Allen, Greensburg Road, storage
Tom Voltz, Hill Street, Hodgenville, deck
Donald Skees, Oak Hill Road, Sonora, residence
Gregory McMurtry, Knob Schoolhouse Road, Sonora, residence
Jason Salsman, Old Sonora Road, land division
Reno Corriveau, Bailey Road, Mount Sherman, residence
Reno Corriveau, Bailey Road, Mount Sherman, land division
May 2014
William Iglehart, Strange Road, land division
Rodney Thompson, East Leafdale Road, residence
Philip Childress, Dogwood Estates, Greensburg Road, Buffalo, storage
Henry Ray, Redbud Drive, pool
Mickey Stinnett, Mary Way, Magnolia, residence
Larry Allen, N. L&N Turnpike, land division
James Johnson, River Road, land division
Blake Durrett, Tonieville Road, land division
Scott Kirkpatrik, Annabelle Avenue, residence
Michael Wise, N. L&N Turnpike, storage
Jerry Rock, Salem Church Road, rezoning
Jerry Rock, Slack Road, rezoning
Arvil Roy Estate, S. L&N Turnpike,    land division
Sylvia Kessler, Brience Drive, storage
Meredith & Meredith, Northridge Circle, residence

June 2014
Joseph Goodman, Old E-town Road, residence
LaRue County Church of Christ, Old E-town Road, storage
Rodney Thompson, East Leafdale Road, garage
Edward Parker, Hawkins Road, garage
Tim Thompson, Meers Alley, garage
Robert Ernst, Campbellsville Road, Buffalo, deck
Linda Wilkins, Viers Road, rezoning
Bryan Lafollette, Harmon Drive, garage
Jimmie Lee Wood, Mill Road, storage
Ben Castile, Spencer School Road, storage
Andrea Ross, Dangerfield Road, rezoning
Connie Penalvert, Salem Lake Road, garage
Alton Milby, S. L&N Turnpike, Magnolia, deck
Blake Durrett, Tonieville Road, residence
Danny Knight, Knob Schoolhouse Road, Sonora, land division
Shirley Jones, Civils Loop, addition
Joe Gingerich, Knob Schoolhouse Road, Sonora, land division
July 2014
Andrew Barnes, Talley Oak Hill Road, Upton, conditional
Tina Smith, Campbellsville Road, land division
Marvin Goldsmith, Cruse Road, Magnolia, residence
Byron Pitchford, West High Street, Hodgenville, storage
Eddie Bowen, Thomas Lane, Magnolia, land division
Byron Pitchford, West High Street, Hodgenville, building
Brooks Atherton, Brooks Road, Buffalo, residence
Paul DeHaven, Old Sonora Road, remodel
Anna F. Bird, Greensburg Road, deck
Patricia Beckwith, S. L&N Turnpike, Buffalo, ramp
Wayne Reynolds, Walter Reed Road, addition
Reginald Youngblood, Tanner Road, remodel
Clarence Riggs, LG&E Road, Magnolia, land division
Tommy England, Reed Road, Buffalo, remodel