Kyle Goodlett named LCHS principal

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By Linda Ireland and Rebecca Roscoe

 Kyle Goodlett has been hired as principal of LaRue County High School.

Goodlett, who served as assistant principal last year, takes over for Paul Mullins who has accepted the superintendent’s job at Garrard County.

His duties began Monday.

Goodlett was one of 12 applicants and four people interviewed by the LCHS site-based decision-making council. The council used also an online survey which gave everyone in the community a chance to have input.

Their decision to hire Goodlett was unanimous.

“In our community survey results, folks in LaRue County expressed their desire for a principal that possesses honesty, integrity, loyalty to students and staff, and also is supportive and upfront in dealing with issues or conflict,” said SBDM council member and LCHS teacher Justin Craft. “Through my own professional experience with Kyle, I can honestly say he best embodies these qualities. I am proud of our committee’s selection and the smoothness with which the selection took place.”  

The top traits from the survey were possesses honesty and integrity; supports and works with staff; deals with issues instead of avoiding them; values the morale of staff; loyal to staff and school; and leads by example.

SBDM parent representative Rebecca Higdon said Goodlett has “keen understanding of the processes already established to make and keep our school a top 20 state performer or better.”

“Kyle has demonstrated strong organizational skills as assistant principal and shows authentic and genuine support for the faculty and staff,” she added. “He cares about the future of our children and this community.”

Before coming to LaRue County, Goodlett taught social studies at Elizabethtown High School for nine years. He is a 1998 graduate of Anderson County High School, holds a bachelor of arts degree from Western Kentucky University, and a master’s degree in educational administration from the University of the Cumberlands. 

He is married to Tara Redmon Goodlett. They have one child, Cate.

 “I’m honored, humbled and ready to get to work,” Goodlett said, “We’ve got a lot of key good things going –I want to continue the strides we’ve made in working to become a top 10 school.”

Goodlett hopes to see LCHS continue to serve as a school that gives every student an opportunity for success. Specific goals for the new principal include raising the bar for all students, in the classroom setting and on testing scores.

“I’d like to make an increased effort to push all students to achieve higher levels. I’d like to see us push even our honor and AP students to higher levels and increase our ACT scores,” Goodlett said. 

Goodlett said he is a part of a larger picture. 

 “The strength of the staff, quality of students and caliber of the community all work together to make an environment that can ensure our students reach their full potential and achieve success. LaRue County High School is a special school in a special community – I want people to look at LCHS as an example of how secondary education is supposed to work in our state.”

Goodlett credited his wife and family for supporting him in his career.

“... It takes a special person to realize and understand that it’s more than just a job – it’s a lifestyle. It’s a passion – it’s not a job that can be done from 8 to 4 –you put your entire life into it,” said Goodlett. 

 “I also want to thank Mr. Sanders and the SBDM council for trusting me to lead this school; and Mr. Mullins for giving me my first opportunity to be an administrator – I’m very thankful; he’s led this school into reaching very high standards. LCHS is a special place with a bright future. I look forward to working with our staff, parents, and community in continuing to provide our students the very best.”

Other members of the SBDM council who participated in the selection process are Jennifer Price, Jorge Venegas, Shannon Bowen, David Owen, Chris Price, Justin Craft, Paul Childress and Sam Sanders.