KU customers receive coupons for light bulbs

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CFL bulbs can be picked up at The Home Deport

By The Staff

Kentucky Utilities Company customers are receiving a bonus in May. The company is mailing coupons toward the purchase of compact fluorescent light bulbs at The Home Depot. 

The coupon offering is part of the E.ON U.S. energy-efficiency program that provides customers with information about how they can use energy more efficiently. The coupons are for $4 off the purchase of a 4-pack of 14-watt spiral CFLs, or $3 off a 2-pack of 14-watt CFL floodlamps. The bulbs are the ‘N:vision’ or ‘Ecosmart’ brands. The replacement of incandescent light bulbs with CFLs is just one aspect of the program. If customers replace five of their most used incandescent light bulbs, they could save an estimated $27 per year in their energy bills.

Many of the coupons will come to customers in the same envelope with their monthly bills. Other will be sent directly to them by mail.