KSP investigates Lincoln Parkway Pharmacy break-in

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Kentucky State Police are investigating a break-in that occurred early Tuesday at Lincoln Parkway Pharmacy in Hodgenville.

Hodgenville Police Chief Steve Johnson was called to the scene when the store opened. He turned the case over to KSP.

Chief Johnson said the perpetrators made entrance in the back of the store – and apparently were inside for quite a while. A large amount of narcotics and cash were taken.

The perpetrators cut wires so the building’s alarm would not go off.

The break-in at the Hodgenville pharmacy was similar to one that occurred at South Dixie Pharmacy in Sonora a couple of months ago. Entry was made through a back wall and the alarm was disabled, according to LaRue Deputy Robby Brownfield.

“They took several thousand in cash and pills,” said Brownfield.

Brownfield is investigating one incident. KSP is handling a second break-in that occurred a week later at the same location.

KSP has not responded to emails and phone calls.