Kentucky Court of Appeals meets in LaRue County Courthouse

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Three-judge panel reviews Jefferson County case

By Linda Ireland

A three-judge panel of the Kentucky Court of Appeals will conduct oral arguments in Hodgenville at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The oral arguments will be held in the circuit courtroom of the LaRue County Courthouse.

The judges are Jeff S. Taylor from Owensboro; Glenn Acree from Lexington; and Kelly Thompson of Bowling Green.

The 2006 Jefferson County case argued is George W. Campbell vs. Ginger C. Campbell. It involves a question of whether circuit court properly divided marital debts and property; whether circuit court properly awarded maintenance; and whether circuit court erred by not awarding prejudgment interest.

Cases are not re-tried in Court of Appeals. Only the record of the original court trial is reviewed with attorneys presenting the legal issues to the court for a decision.

Fourteen judges serve on the Court of Appeals. They are divided into panels of three to review and decide cases with the majority determining the decision.

Taylor, who was elected to fill an unexpired term of the 1st Division of the Second Appellate District in 2003, is the presiding judge. The Second Appellate District consists of 14 counties including LaRue.

This is the first time the Court of Appeals has conducted oral arguments in LaRue County.