JUST ASK: Did we really need new carpet?

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 Why did the City purchase new carpet for the civic center when it is used mostly during the summer showing movies?


The carpet in the Civic Center was decades old and “very stained,” according to City Clerk MaDonna Hornback.

The building is rented out throughout the year to various groups and hosts dignitaries at times, including the governor.

The carpet cost $7,000.


If a tree falls on a tombstone in Red Hill Cemetery, who pays for repair or replacement of the marker? Should it be the city’s responsibility as they are to maintain and keep up the grounds?


City Clerk MaDonna Hornback said the City sells plots for burial – not the tombstones.

The City does not maintain or insure the tombstones. Homeowner’s insurance may cover the marker.

Hornback checked with the Kentucky League of Cities to verify the information.

 “If you purchase and put up a tombstone, it’s yours.”


Where can I get my well water tested?


The Lincoln Trail Environmental Office provided these companies and contact numbers:

Environmental Laboratories, Inc. – 812-273-6699

Fouser Environmental Services – 859-873-6211

Hardin County Water District II – 270-862-3213

McCoy & McCoy – 859-299-7775

Microbac – 859-276-3506

It is recommended you visit www.wellowner2.org before calling to determine what you want your water tested for. Look under “water quality” then “water testing.”

(Editor’s note: When we visited this site, it was “closed for maintenance.” We found similar information at http://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/drinking/private/wells/testing.html.)