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Younger students may receive laptops
I heard LaRue County High School is replacing their student laptops. First of all, is this true? And secondly, are they available to the public for purchase?

The Laptops of LaRue project was rolled out in October 2010. The intent was for the laptops to be used by LCHS students for four years before they were replaced.

Superintendent Sam Sanders said the district is “already planning the “next four-year cycle.”

“We will likely use the original laptops in other schools after four years instead of selling them to the public,” he said.

The laptops are refurbished each year before being reissued to students.

Is it true the City of Hodgenville charged fire departments to set up roadblocks for the Crusade for Children?

Hodgenville Mayor Terry Cruse said the City did not charge the fire departments to set up roadblocks – “or anybody else.”

There is a roadblock ordinance – adopted last June by city council – that requires groups to apply for a no-cost permit in advance and agree to several safety requirements, including wearing reflective vests and using traffic cones.

The city provides barricades and cones to the groups, if needed, at no charge.