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There are about a dozen dead skunks on the side of the road between Hodgenville and Buffalo. What’s going on? Will they be tested for rabies?

Skunks are suffering from rabies of love.
According to the University of Kentucky Extension Service, February is mating season for skunks, so they are on the move more than usual.
Skunks are nocturnal, nomadic and solitary, except during mating season when the males apparently lose all sense of timing and direction and blunder into the roadway.
If your vehicle gets skunked, we are sorry.
If you meet a skunk face-to-face, be aware they have amazing accuracy with their musk glands. They can hit their mark perfectly at 6 feet and have generally good aim up to 20 feet.
If the skunk starts stamping her front feet, run. Just before she releases her musk, she gives a warning stamp, rises up on her front legs, lifts up her rear and, wham.

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