John-Kenyon announces upgrade to procedure

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John-Kenyon American Eye Institute announced last week an upgrade to its LASIK vision correction procedure with the upgrade to the advanced iFS laser. This new, blade-free laser offers patients a faster, safer procedure with a shorter recovery time and fewer dry eye symptoms.

The John-Kenyon LASIK Center was one of the pioneers of the blade-free IntraLase technology, becoming sixth in the country to install and use IntraLase back in 2003. The John-Kenyon LASIK Center is the only LASIK provider in the region that has been dedicated to blade-free LASIK for the past nine years.

The newest iFS laser is an upgrade from the existing laser currently being used at John-Kenyon. The iFS laser is the only FDA-cleared laser, proven with more than 10 years of clinical research improving the safety and precision of LASIK.  It offers a highly-sophisticated way to prepare the eye for LASIK without using a blade. It also allows for customization and treatment that meet the patient's individual needs.

The IntraLase Method has now been used in more than four-million LASIK procedures. An estimated 61.1 percent of all LASIK procedures performed in the U.S. utilize this new technology.  The IntraLase Method has been among the fastest-growing refractive, surgical techniques worldwide. Meanwhile, traditional LASIK procedures that use blades continue to decline. While LASIK has proven to be a successful and relatively safe procedure, most complications and patient concerns have been associated with the use of an oscillating metal blade. The new iFS laser allows for three times the stability created by a blade.

For more information, visit www.johnkenyon.com.