January 2011 Food Service Inspections

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The following food sanitation inspections were conducted by the LaRue County Health Center. The rating of the establishment is determined by subtracting weighted point totals of noted violations from 100. Unannounced inspections observe the overall operation including food source and protection, personnel, food equipment and utensil, maintenance of water and sewage systems, garbage and refuse disposal, insect, rodent and animal control, and storage of toxic items among others. Critical violations, four and five points in weight, if uncorrected carry the potential to be an imminent threat to public health. These items must be corrected in a time designated by the health department, not to exceed 10 days.
January inspections
IGA Express, 701 South Lincoln Blvd., Hodgenville, Jan. 14, 91; follow-up 95. No date codes on ready to eat sandwiches-corrected, new employee unable to explain date code procedures (had not been trained at time of inspection), men’s restroom unclean.
Cozy Café, 217 E. Main St., Hodgenville, Jan. 14; 100        
IGA Express, 372 S. Greensburg St., Hodgenville, Jan. 14; 91; follow-up 99. Out-of-date lunch meat-corrected, infrequent sanitization of ice machine-corrected, microwave interior spills and ice machine chute buildup mold.
Family Dollar, 99 Shawnee Dr., Hodgenville, Jan. 14; 91; follow-up 95. Out of date eggs and expired OTC medicine-corrected, mop sink unclean, water fountain not working, women’s restroom walls uncleanable due to heavy mold behind commode from water leaks, floors buildup and debris, ceiling tiles damaged due to water leaks.
Dollar General, 67 Shawnee Dr., Hodgenville, Jan. 14; 96. Men’s restroom unclean and water fountains have buildup, ceiling tiles damaged due to roof leaks, some shelves have heavy dust build up, light bulbs out throughout store.
Ayianna’s, 330 S. Lincoln Blvd., Hodgenville, Jan. 12; follow-up 95. Uncovered food product, ice scoop handle touching ice, deep freeze lid disrepair.
Green Akers Café Food Service, 7130 Greensburg Road, Mount Sherman, Jan. 12; 95. Flow of 3-compartment sink clean to dirty, clean dishes stored next to unclean surface, handwash sink in bread room full of equipment.
Green Akers Cafe Retail Service, 7130 Greensburg Road, Mount Sherman, Jan. 12; 99. Unlabeled bags of candy.    
Rite Aid, 415 N. Lincoln Blvd., Hodgenville, Jan. 25; 96. Personal food stored with product, men’s restroom trash overflowing.
Life Connection Kitchen, 81 Buds Lake Road, Sonora, Jan. 7; follow-up 100.
Subway, 107 Lincoln Dr., Hodgenville, Feb. 8; 79; follow-up 83. Out-of-date milk in refrigerator-corrected, thermometer not working in cooler, improper thawing method of meat, onions being sliced over dirty dishes in 3-compartment sink, person in charge doesn’t demonstrate knowledge of food handling procedures, food container lids cracked/broken, no sanitizer in wiping rag buckets, no test strips readily available, infrequent sanitization of ice machine, clean dishes stored in unclean containers and unclean utensils stored with clean utensils, no hand-washing signs at hand sink.
Subway, 107 Lincoln Dr., Hodgenville, Feb. 28; follow-up 89. Thermometer not working in cooler, improper thawing method, cross contamination, no one has been to person-in-charge training as of today’s inspection. Food containers in disrepair, clean stored in unclean containers.
Watch Me Grow, 29 Magnolia St., Upton, Feb. 28; 98. Improper thawing methods.
Country Charm Café, 177 Magnolia St., Upton, Feb. 28; 94. Seasoned ground meat-improper cooling method, personal drinks without lids, interior of refrigerator spills and debris, clean utensils stored in unclean bins.
Dollar Store Upton, 100 Rose St., Upton, Feb. 28; 97. Women’s restroom out-of-order-sign posted, light bulbs out on sales floor and in cooler.