It’s time to take a serious look at America

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Disintegration of culture results from drifting from our roots

By George Smith

Few if any would argue that the church’s influence is waning in our secular society. We have been witness to a generation reared with very few moral absolutes in the home, schools and even churches.

Go back through history and you will find that when the home collapses, and there is an accompanying loss of moral values, a nation will not last past one or two generations, unless there is a spiritual renewal. Many would say that we are witnessing the disintegration of a culture in our lifetime. We have lost the concept of personal responsibility for our own transgressions.

I believe our nation is becoming morally bankrupt in large degree because we have followed too liberal a philosophy. A conservative is someone who is trying to conserve something. There are many of us who believe that some traditional moral values made America a great “Nation Under God.”

The prophet Jeremiah lived in a day much like ours. Read the eighth chapter of Jeremiah and you will think he is speaking of America. Judah had been blessed. They had prospered, but forgot their roots. The people of Judah forgot God and acted as if they were indestructible. Does this sound like America?

Jeremiah saw the blessings of God, but he also witnessed the collapse and corruption from within Judah. Do you see America? Can we find anyone who would disagree that America has enjoyed the blessings of God?