It’s time for crop exhibits at the LaRue County Fair

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By David Harrison

    The 2013 LaRue County Fair is June 14-22 and LaRue county residents are encouraged to enter garden and crop exhibits. Agriculture remains a strong part of our 106th LaRue County Community Fair.

Entries for the Agricultural displays will be taken 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday, June 17. There are two age-class groups in the youth division (class A – age 10 and under and class B – ages 11-18).  

There are 22 vegetable classes and 13 canning classes for these youth, and a garden display for youth. (4-H horticulture and crop entries will be taken at a split fair on Aug. 3).

The open division consists of 77 classes in the following categories: fruits and vegetables, canned vegetable in canning jars, pickles, canned fruits, and preserves and jellies, and the overall garden display. Fresh produce entries will probably be very limited due to the earlier fair and late growing season.

Entries for the LaRue County Hay Show will be taken 10 a.m.-1 p.m. June 17.  There are five classes of hay: Pure Alfalfa - Triple Crown, Pure Alfalfa - KY Pride, Alfalfa Grass Mix - Triple Crown, Alfalfa Grass Mix - KY Pride, and Mixed hay.  There are also awards for Best Bale of Alfalfa and Best Bale of Alfalfa - Grass mix. Due to the season, hay entries may also be decreased. 

Due to the early fair this year and low entry numbers recently; there will not be classes for tobacco or field corn.

Specific details for all the exhibits and events can be reviewed in the 2013 LaRue County Fair and Livestock Expo supplement to the May 29 issue of The LaRue County Herald News. It can help you meet the rules and regulations for these and other County Fair events.