Investment in new nursing home will benefit county for years to come

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Editor formerly worked at Sunrise Manor

By Linda Ireland

Sunrise Manor Nursing Home has been a big part of my life.

I spent 10 years there as an employee. Several friends and family members including my grandmothers and father have been residents there.

I still count many of the employees among my friends although I haven’t worked there in eight years.

I was pleased to be part of their big day July 22 when the staff, board of directors and contractor held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new nursing home.

It rained cats and dogs – my umbrella crashed and my camera balked – and we trekked through mud for the photo opportunity. But everyone wore smiles on their faces.

The $10.8 million facility will be “state-of-the-art” and there will not be another nursing home like it in this part of the state. One northern Kentucky home may be comparable.

The old building, built in 1967, while still serviceable, developed problems with plumbing that grew worse over the last few years. The board of directors decided it was time for a change.

Thanks to this investment – an arrangement where the county acts as fiscal agent – jobs will continue to be available for local residents in the health care industry. Staff estimate about 50 new jobs will be created when the old building is converted into an assisted-living facility.

Thanks to this investment – our sick and elderly can continue to be cared for in a comfortable, convenient setting by a highly qualified staff. Those who are not quite ready for the nursing home will have the option of assisted-living or the adult daycare program.

What great news that is.

Thanks to this investment – the northern end of Hodgenville will receive a shot in the arm. Maybe other stores and restaurants will locate there once they see the additional traffic created by both nursing facilities.

And what great news that will be.