Horse rescued from frozen pond

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By Linda Ireland

A ladder, a lasso and an ax – and a lot of patience – were used to rescue a horse from a frozen pond Jan. 7.

A passing motorist noticed the horse about noon in a pond beside Wesley Meadows United Methodist Church near the intersection of Ky. 210 and Ky. 470.

The horse, which is owned by Greg Grant, had broken through the ice and was standing in water up to its belly about 15-feet from the edge of the pond, said LaRue County Sheriff Merle Edlin. 

The water had frozen solid between the horse and the bank of the pond.

“I threw a loop over its head and got a rope on it,” said Edlin.

Buffalo Fire Chief Wendell Perkins placed a ladder across the ice to reach the horse and used an ax to cut through the ice.

“It made an alleyway (for the horse),” said Edlin.

The horse, evidently ready to be rescued, responded to a tug on the rope after the ice was broken. The rescue took more than an hour from the time 911 was notified.

“The water wasn’t that deep,” said Edlin. “But with her thrashing around, she was wet all over.”

Rescuers asked for the horse to be checked by a veterinarian.

“Its body temperature wasn’t bad,” said Edlin. “It was very, very cold but (the horse) is going to be all right.” 

“It’s good to have an ending like that,” he said.

The temperature hovered around 8 degrees Tuesday and caused numerous problems across the county. Farmers who use ponds and troughs to water livestock stayed busy trying to cut through ice.