Honors abound for LaRue's leading ladies

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By Rebecca Roscoe

 The LaRue County High School girls’ basketball team had an outstanding season with three Lady Hawks receiving state recognition: Alexis Brewer, Ivy Brown and Alisha Durbin.



Brewer, number 11, plays as point guard for the Lady Hawks. As a sophomore, Brewer has already made a name for herself, becoming one of, if not the most, noted female sophomore basketball players within the region and state. She has been named Honorable Mention All State by the Lexington Herald-Leader and The News-Enterprise Sophomore of the Year. 

Playing basketball has been a large part of Brewer’s life. She has been playing since she was 8 years old and has been motivated by her parents and coaches to continue in her career. 

Brewer is very humble about her accomplishments and comes from a background that has been filled with love for the game. Both her mother and father played basketball while they attended high school; her mother, played for LCHS; and her father, played for Bardstown.

“I play as hard as I have because God gave me that skill, and I’m giving it back to him, to give him the glory,” said Brewer.

“I don’t play for the awards,” she added. “I play for my team and I play because I love it.”

“Alexis has an extensive amount of athletic ability,” said LCHS principal Paul Mullins. “She has a high basketball IQ. This past season she did really well. She’s going to be a big time Division One recruit, a front-runner in 2015. She understands that she has to work hard to achieve her goals.”

Although Brewer is only within her sophomore year, she already has an idea of what she would like to do post graduation. 

“I’m planning on going to college and playing basketball. I would like to go to a school close to home and do something involved with physical therapy, something with sports.”

Overcoming the injuries from early within the season, Brewer helped lead the Lady Hawks to the region finals. After an amazing second season, there will be yet two more to look forward to, for locals and others, to watch Brewer continue to grow.


Brown, number 23, plays as wing for the Lady Hawks. As a junior, Brown has also made quite a name for herself. Her list of accomplishments includes making the Junior Kentucky All Star Team; being named second in Team All State for The Courier-Journal, and being named first in team All State for the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Brown, also humble about her achievements, said she is honored by the recognition. Basketball has been a large part of Brown’s life, as she has watched her older sisters play, and has parents who were also involved in the game. Her mother played for Bethlehem High School and her father played for LCHS. Her sisters both played ball in high school, her sister Danielle going on to play for St. Catherine College. 

“I’ve always been in the gym,” said Brown.

For Brown, the support of family and friends, and her coaches has helped her focus on her basketball career. 

“I want to thank my coaches because they always are there to help me if I need it,” she said. “Without their help, I couldn’t have made it as far as I have.”

Having been named as one of the members of the Junior KY All Star Team, Brown was one of 40 players invited to try out, from across the state; being one of 18 to make the cut. 

“It is definitely an honor to even get an invite, and to be considered one of the best junior players in the state.”

When Brown found out a couple weeks ago that she had been named second in team All State for the Courier-Journal, she considered it to be another great accomplishment, again realizing the recognition as being one of the best in state players. 

However, Brown was named first in team All State for the Lexington Herald-Leader, amplifying her achievements. “We don’t play a lot of games in Lexington, so it’s a real honor to know that people know who I am there, that they know how I play and believe that I play well.”

To hold a title such as this is already an incredible honor for Brown, yet there is more to this recognition that makes it into an even greater award. Brown is the first LCHS player to have ever been named first team All State in the school’s history. 

“This is a big accomplishment knowing how many great players have come through LaRue County,” said Brown.

She plans on going to college, although she is undecided on exactly where she will attend. 

“I want to major in exercise science and become a physical therapist,” said Brown. 

“The attention given to her is a blessing,” said Mullins. “There’s no doubt that she is in the running for Ms. Basketball 2014. More doors are going to open up for her being a junior because more coaches are going to see her.”


Durbin, number 12, plays as center for the Lady Hawks. Having completed her final season with the team, Durbin has recently signed to play for Asbury College the following season. 

She also received offers to play for Transylvania University and Midway College.

She chose to go to Asbury for a couple of reasons. 

“I like the size of the school, the coaching staff and style. It feels like a good fit for me,” said Durbin.

 “I knew I wanted to play college ball, so it made me work hard,” she added.

“Alisha has worked really hard to improve her game, she has worked hard to earn what she has,” said Mullins. “She serves as a testament to the rest of the girls. It’s wonderful anytime a student gets the chance to extend their athletic career.”

On the overall outcome of the season, Durbin believes that the team did their very best. 

“We had a really good season; we kind of went out with a bang,” Durbin said.

“I’d like to thank my coaches, in particular Coach Adams. He helped me before my junior season and he’s helped me a lot this season, to help get me to where I am.”

Durbin’s advice for the ladies who are not graduating this year, “Keep working hard! You can do a lot next year!”

Durbin said that she is planning on becoming a pediatric physical therapist. 

“I am proud to say that all the girls are in our program,” said Mullins. “They carry themselves well, they are team players, they exemplify school pride; they do well in the classroom and on the court, and all three are really good young adults. Credit must not only be given to them, but to their teammates as well, because they have helped them continue to work hard and they have worked hard as a team.”