Homeowner installs above-ground storm shelter near Buffalo

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Joe Pearman and Sons constructs shelter as part of addition at home

By Charlotte Isbell

Joe Pearman and Sons are in the process of building their first above-ground storm shelter for a homeowner near Buffalo.

Linda Riley said her Greensburg Road home does not have a basement and she found the above-ground shelter to be a great alternative to digging under the house.

Pearman said the shelter is rated to withstand an F5 tornado. The shelter is 6 feet, 8 inches by 5 feet with 8-inch thick walls. The ceiling is constructed with concrete reinforced with steel rods from top to bottom. The footer goes down about 40 inches.

The shelter is being built on a large addition to the rear of the home and will be enclosed with access from inside the home.

Pearman has confidence in the structure’s soundness.

“If a tornado comes through and takes this house, I would expect to see the shelter still standing,” he said.