The holiday is all about the kids

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By Linda Ireland

I spent some time with my daughter and her family over the holidays.

My granddaughters continue to amaze and amuse me – which is their job, after all.

On Christmas Eve, we sat around the table and Lucy, the 3-year-old, volunteered to say grace.

“Everybody put your head down,” she intoned. We obeyed.

She said the sweetest, most sincere prayer. She gave thanks for her family and food.

She also had a special request.

When I was a kid, I was threatened with a lump of coal in my stocking if I was naughty. Apparently, Amanda and Adam believe the words “lump of coal” would be meaningless to the new generation. So they improvised.

Lucy continued, in her very sincere manner: “Please don’t let Santa put dog poop in our stockings. Please don’t let Santa put cat poop in our stockings.”

I could feel the table shaking as the adults tried not to laugh. We did an admirable job of stifling it.

That is, until Jillian, the 2-year-old chimed in after the “Amen” was said.

She was sitting there, her black eyes huge, obviously thinking over her sister’s prayer.

“But we don’t have a dog,” she said.

Moments like that make the holidays. It’s always about the kids.

The volunteers in the Santa’s Helpers program believe that too. They’ve put in countless hours during the last few months, making sure that no child in LaRue County was left out of the festivities. 

You should see the way the children’s eyes light up – when they see Santa – or that old school bus “Rudolph” driving up to the firehouse. You should watch their faces when a Santa’s Helper hands them a toy – or they get to pick out a new bike.

You should watch the volunteers’ faces when they interact with the kids.

For many years, The LaRue County Herald News has selected Santa letters written by schoolchildren and arranged for two children to receive gifts either donated by local businesses or staff.

This year, the staff broke with tradition and contributed to the Santa Run.

While you’re still in the spirit of the season, why not go through your children’s toys and box up the ones they no longer play with – or ones they’ve outgrown – and donate them to the Santa Run? They would love to have them. 

Give Ann “Snookie” Morrison a call at 270-234-3313. She’ll be happy to hear from you.