Hodgenville's local mail going to Louisville

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Customers no longer need to sort mail by destination


Residents may notice some changes upon paying a visit to the Hodgenville Post Office.

The Post Office has altered its collection and sorting processes. Now, all mail – local and out of town – that comes into the post office will be sent to Louisville and sorted. The local mail will be sent back to LaRue County for delivery.

The post office’s mail boxes will no longer be marked “local” or “out of town.” All boxes are now marked “mixed.”

Postmaster Bob Hummer said this change means customers can drop any type of mail – metered, stamped, express, local or out of town – into the  “mixed” box. Customers no longer have to sort mail by type or destination.

The Post Office in Hodgenville is the last in the district to get rid of its local drop mailbox. Hummer said the change is bittersweet and he tried to keep the local drop for as long as possible.

 “We held out as long as we could hold out. We can’t fight technology.”

New technology allows the Postal Service to use a program called Delivery Point Sequencing to sort the mail and send it to local carriers for delivery. When the carrier receives the mail, it is already in perfect order.

Due to the changes, collection hours are different at the post office. There is no longer a collection at 8 a.m. Collection for Monday-Friday is at 5 p.m.;  Saturday is 4 p.m.