Hodgenville to bid work on sinkhole at lake

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By The Staff

Plans are being made to plug a sinkhole in Salem Lake that is draining the 98-acre city-owned reservoir.

Engineers located the depression last month. They believe it is connected to another sinkhole first thought to be a spring feeding the lake.

The lake supplies drinking water to both city and county residents and is open several months of the year for recreational use. It was closed to fishing and boating in August so engineers could lower the water level and locate the swallow hole – a depression formed by a collapse of a cavern roof.

Mayor Terry Cruse said the city has received bid specifications for the repairs, which include capping the first swallow hole and filling the second one with concrete. A ramp must be constructed for concrete trucks to reach the sinkhole.

He plans to bid the work to concrete companies in hopes of starting repairs in two to three weeks. The city and county will take care of bulldozer and backhoe work to prepare the site.

A state engineer will supervise the repairs, which are expected to cost about $200,000.