Hardee’s to add Red Burrito brand

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Double-branded operation brings tacos, burritos to local fast-food menu

By Ben Sheroan

Hardee’s in Hodgenville completed a week-long renovation and owner Wayne Tyree says a new product line is on the way.

By April, Tyree’s restaurant will become one of Hardee’s first single-store operators to run a double-branded store. In addition to the full Hardee’s breakfast and dinner menus, the store will serve the Red Burrito line of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos and various taco salads.

The Red Burrito concept has been launched mostly along the east coast, Tyree said, although company-owned stores in the St. Louis district first introduced the dual branding concept. The nearest Red Burrito locations are in Bowling Green.

The exterior of the building was painted in shades of tan and red. Similar colors are inside accompanied by dark wood trim. The store also has all new furnishings including a few tall bistro tables. A new beverage bar was installed, the counter replaced and two flat-screen televisions mounted in opposite corners of the dining room.

All that remains to do is some signage and a revised menu board when the Red Burrito products are introduced.

Tyree, who opened the Hodgenville Hardee’s 18 years ago, has spent much of his professional life with the restaurant chain.

An Alabama native, he was part of the company’s staff in Atlanta for 15 years. He exchanged corporate life and supervision of 650 restaurants to establish his store near the end of Lincoln Parkway just off Lincoln Boulevard.

Tyree remembers when he built the location that Save-A-Lot was the only retailer in the area. Since that time, Hodgenville’s south end has become a focal point for retail growth and his store is practically within site of every school building in the LaRue County district.

Tyree, 53, said his family also has thrived in LaRue County. He and his wife, Wendy, have two daughters who graduated from LaRue County High School. Heather Nicklies is an accountant who works for Western Kentucky University and Allison Williamson teaches in the Warren County School System.