Hall monitors shoulder responsibility

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By The Staff

Students in Becky Hawkins’ class at Hodgenville Elementary School have been working on a new project – a newspaper called Hawk Talk News. The students made story selection, wrote, edited and took photos to accompany the stories.

Here is a sampling of their first edition:

Hodgenville Elementary School now has hall monitors because there are too many people that run or jump and are very noisy in the halls. Fifth grade students were allowed to apply for hall monitor jobs. They had to interview with Mrs. Akridge. The people that got the jobs are responsible and don’t run, jump, or make noise in the hall. They wear orange vests and carry a clipboard. They are in the halls every morning and afternoon.  If they catch someone being loud or unsafe they ask for your name. They write it down for Mrs. Akridge and she could give you detention, where it will not be fun. So we hope you follow directions and don’t get in trouble.