Guthrie holds forum at ECTC

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Republican conference endorses America Speaking Out

By Morgan Rose

Congressman Brett Guthrie made a stop in Elizabethtown last week to speak with residents of surrounding counties.

Guthrie represents the Second Congressional District of Kentucky in the House of Representatives. His June 2 visit was part of an effort that he, along with several other members of Congress, is participating in known as America Speaking Out.

As its name may imply, America Speaking Out provides various channels for Americans to share their ideas and thoughts about United States government to their representatives. Concerned citizens can submit videos or leave messages at an online website dedicated to the cause, and can attend meetings organized by representatives of their area.

During the meeting at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College, Guthrie made it clear that his motives for the meeting were not to campaign for votes, but to hear the ideas of the people.

“America Speaking Out is a national effort, and it’s an official effort of the Republican conference ... I’m glad we’re doing this,” Guthrie said, adding that he hoped this effort would help to fix the distanced relationship between Congress and the American people.

The meeting started with Guthrie making a short presentation about government’s current financial struggles. He spoke of how spending and debt in Washington are “out of control,” and how he hopes to be a part of the solution.

“America’s a great country, it always bounces back ... but it takes leadership,” he said.

Guthrie opened the floor to the audience for questions and comments. All comments were recorded so that they could be taken back to the Capitol and presented.

One major concern among those in attendance was a large federal deficit and how to cut spending. Other talking points included immigration laws, veteran affairs, education and health care reform.

Guthrie encouraged the audience to be engaged in politics and to direct suggestions to him, claiming that the comments of the people “helped him” to become a better Congressman.

For more information about America Speaking Out, visit www.americaspeakingout.com. For information on how to contact Guthrie, visit www.guthrie.house.gov.