Grain field day and grain yield contests

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By David Harrison

The annual LaRue County Extension Grain Field Day will be 5 p.m. Aug. 29 at the Kevin McCubbin farm at the end of Old Sonora Road, south of KY 222.
This is the second year we have cooperated with Kevin to host our county grain variety plots and field day.
We will look at Extension’s corn and soybean variety plots on the farm.  They include 25 Roundup Ready corn varieties and 21 Roundup Ready Group III and IV soybean varieties. Both corn and soybeans are planted by relative maturities. These varieties are planted to determine their relative yields in this site specific location. Harvest results will be published later, and can be used with other data to select desirable varieties.
Field day attendees will have the opportunity to view the plots and to talk with seed company representatives at the field day. Chad Lee, University of Kentucky Extension Grain Specialist will discuss current issues related to grain production, including our current drought.
A free ribeye steak meal will be served, courtesy of the participating grain companies, and prepared by LaRue Beef Cattle Association members.
With harvest approaching, growers are reminded that they can participate in the county and state corn and soybean yield contests. There are no early entries required; however, there are rules that must be followed in harvesting an entry.
There are two divisions for soybeans: single crop soybeans and double crop soybeans. The soybean contest also includes top oil content and highest protein content contests. There are some nice cash awards to state winners, division winners and district winners.
Corn has four divisions: 1) conventional or minimum-till, non-irrigated, 2) no-till, non-irrigated, 3) white corn, non- irrigated, and 4) irrigated corn, regardless of type.
Call the Extension Office at 358-3401 for more information.