Government grabs more power with gun control

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Disagree with some things done 'for your own good'

By Charlotte Isbell

Our precious little granddaughter Autumn Rae was amazing Dennis and I this weekend with her ability to read. It was a piece of mail Dennis had received and she pronounced a lot of big words for a first grader and we were beaming with pride at our latest prodigy. But what she was reading sent me into my latest rant.

That wonderful government of ours, “by the people, for the people” has forgotten whom they work for. They pass bills that the majority of Americans are opposed to “for our own good because we’re not smart enough to know what’s good for us” or “some good old pork programs that benefit them.” If we didn’t pay those people so good, they wouldn’t be up there messing up the country. They’d be home looking for good paying jobs and the only people up there would be people interested in what’s good for this country.

Gun control is my latest gripe. They won’t leave it alone until we’re like the communist countries that the police and criminals are the only ones able to defend themselves. It is a fact that guns do not jump up all by themselves and kill people. It’s people behind the guns that kill people. Now, let’s address your average man, woman, child, who likes to hunt, target practice or any other recreational activity relating to guns. These people usually buy their guns legally and go through the background check. Do you think criminals are getting their guns and ammo legally?  So that means if they pass these new laws and take away the law-abiding citizens rights to have guns, we’re going to be defenseless, while criminals continue to get weapons. When they break in our homes, well, we’re just up the creek without a paddle. Yes siree, that sounds like a good law.

And here’s the kicker. Those legislators who want to take away our protection have armed guards watching over them.

Do they think their lives are more important than mine or anyone else’s?

Unfortunately they do.

We better wake up and smell the stench moving in. The smell of communism is in the air and they’re passing it off as “for our own good.” Now, keep in mind, these laws do not apply to them, because what’s good for us, the little man, is not good enough for them.