Goat and sheep farmers vote to assess own stock

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Producers approve mandatory collection

By The Staff

Kentucky sheep and goat producers voted in favor of check-offs to assess themselves at a rate of one-half of 1 percent of the net market price of their animals.

In separate referenda held Oct. 1 in county Extension offices throughout the state, goat producers approved check-offs by a 75-41 vote, and sheep producers approved by a 32-12 count.

A date when check-off funds will begin to be collected has not been determined.

Ray Bowman, executive director of the Kentucky Sheep and Goat Development Office, said the start date will be set after consulting with stockyards.

The collection of check-off funds will be mandatory, but reimbursement of funds paid will be an option to the producer. The Kentucky Sheep and Wool Producers Association and the Kentucky Goat Producers Association will administer the funds in the areas of promotion, consumer information, producer communication, industry information and research.