The glory days of summer hit the Hill

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By Steve LaRue

The first of the sunflowers are in bloom, so now is an exciting time at Groundhog Hill.

One sunflower is so tall that a stepladder is required in order to cut it.  Since, I have no stepladder handy, I’m just leaving it to bloom where the honeybees can enjoy it to their little hearts’ content.

The zinnias are going gangbusters, as well. My sister-in-law, Laura, gifted me with many packets of new seed this past Christmas in an effort to get me to grow a color other than red (the theme of 2012, I tried to explain).

So, I have all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes this year. The dominant color, though, is purple with pink a close second, and yes, red coming in third. What can I say except that I like a red zinnia.

Meanwhile, the garden remains downright muddy after all the rain we’ve had in the last two weeks. I have lost count, but hey, it’s better than last year when the garden was literally burning up in mid-July.

As for the green beans, I’ve picked my third batch off the same plants, and it’s almost past time to plant the final round of late beans so that I can harvest them before the first frost which I predict will occur in early October.

Finally, the wilt has hit some of my yellow squash. I did not plant one radish in each hill to prevent whatever bug from causing this premature death, so I am paying the price now. You win this round, Squash Hill Bugs.

Overall, it’s a beautiful time right now. These must be the Glory Days of Summer. There’s lots of johnson grass to pull, crabgrass to mow and Sunflowerpalooza is just around the corner.

More later from Groundhog Hill.

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