GED offers opportunity for successful future

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By Ron Benningfield

Among those receiving their General Education Development certificates this spring were two brothers, Michael and Patrick Hyde and their girlfriends Anna Anderson and Tearra Parker.
Anderson, who with several others received her certificate in a cap-and-gown graduation ceremony June 20 at LaRue County High School, said the four decided in January that if they wanted to succeed and accomplish bigger and better things, they needed more education.
“It’s hard right now in this economy to find a job, even with a diploma, but a lot of employers won’t even interview you if you don’t have one,” said Anderson.
The four of them moved to Kentucky from Florida according to Anderson, Michael’s girlfriend, because they wanted a change and found the people in the local area to be peaceful, friendly, and nice.
She also discovered that the adult education classes, which are offered two days a week in the morning, afternoon, and evening, were easier for her than classes she took in high school.
“I had so many distractions in a high school class; it was a lot harder to pay attention,” she observed.  
“Here, though, I was more focused and could also get one-to-one instruction if I needed it.”
Though math was the hardest subject for her, she passed it and her accomplishment made her really excited about receiving the GED.
“We all helped each other while taking the classes, and now we all agree that we have taken that first big step in life,” she said.
Sarah Hornback, family services director, said 27 students, ranging in age from 17 to 37, have earned their GEDs so far this year.  
Instructors include Melcenia Sprowls Shelton, Bob Ernst, Garry Ross, Lucy Buckley, and Hornback. Assistants are Rosa Kelley and Arlene Quinones.  Millie Underwood is the clerk.
Although it has been around for several years, Kentucky is encouraging job applicants to earn a National Career Readiness Certificate.
“Adult Education can prepare students for the test and Kentucky Adult Education will pay for the test for qualified students,” Hornback shared.  “The NCRC lets employers know that a job applicant has the ability to read, analyze information, and apply math in the workplace in order to be a successful employee.”
The center, located at the LaRue County Board of Education office on College Street in Hodgenville, will offer Saturday classes in the fall to individuals interested in the NCRC.
Another important emphasis this year in adult education is post-secondary education.
“In today’s fast paced work environment, there is an even greater push for post-secondary education so we will be working harder than ever to prepare our students for it,” noted Hornback.  “Just as some students graduating from high school are not prepared for college, the same is true with students who receive a GED or who graduated several years ago.”
Office hours are weekdays, 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.  Phone (270) 358-8334 or 358-4111 for more information.