FreedomKentucky.org simplifies information

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Bluegrass Institute thinks Web site will enable activitists

By The Staff

FreedomKentucky.org, a new Bluegrass Institute wiki, offers a user-friendly tool for Kentuckians to provide and review information on public policies and to hold local governments and school districts throughout the commonwealth accountable.

“This is an aggressive approach to provide – primarily through open-records requests – the statewide, all-encompassing information public entities promise to give but don’t deliver in a timely and usable form,” said Rick Loghry, president of the Bluegrass Institute, Kentucky’s free-market think tank. “FreedomKentucky.org stimulates collaboration by enabling citizen activists to contribute data, review content and to comment on what they find.”

The site serves as a gathering place for residents to shine the light on wasteful spending practices and projects by providing easily sorted databases of checkbook spending and budgets for local governments and schools from Paducah to Pikeville.

“We’re providing an outlet for residents to share information to keep government accountable and transparent,” said project leader Logan Morford. “The site gives residents very easy way to contribute information from their communities, which will make FreedomKentucky.org a one-stop arsenal of data that supports and informs elected officials, bloggers, reporters and engaged Kentuckians.” 

Along with spending practices, the site provides a cache of audit results, lists of failing schools and documents political promises, all at the user’s fingertips.

Residents can place information on FreedomKentucky.org from a number of sources, such as open-records requests, video from local government meetings, newspaper articles, reputable blog sites and reputable research and analysis.

The site also includes instructions on how to file an open-records request along with pages of information on free-market issues central to the institute’s mission.

Google search results already indicate widespread use for information on FreedomKentucky.org.

For more information, contact Morford at (859) 254-9427 or lmorford@freedomkentucky.com.