Forget your troubles and go fishing

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Great way to spend a lazy day

By Ramona Coffey

Kentucky spring turkey season is past and harvest results reflect 2009 was better than 2008. I’m sad to report I don’t have a turkey reported in the spring harvest. But with the bad, comes the good, I did see turkeys.

Better than that though, was the afternoon we spent hunting and a rain shower came. As soon as the rain came to an end, a beautiful double rainbow appeared. Sitting out in the middle of nowhere, and seeing God’s beauty all around, is better than harvesting a turkey, especially when that time is spent with loved ones, including my husband and son.

Now that spring turkey hunting is over, I have begun doing what my stepdaughter and I have grown to love, going to the river to fish. I took this dirty habit up four years ago when I began chemotherapy. My husband asked me what I would like to do one lazy, Sunday afternoon. My reply, “Go fishing.” The first couple years we spent most of the time fishing alone. Somewhere along the way, our stepdaughter and granddaughters began to show up at our doorstep bright and early to make the journey to the river with us.

My stepdaughter and I are the most dedicated, as sometimes fishing is slow and it’s hard to keep the granddaughters interested when the fish aren’t biting. I told my husband, “Fishing to Jodi and I is like duck, goose, crow and coyote hunting is to him.” That’s a pretty strong statement if you know my husband, Davy, sometimes referred to as Dave Crocket. We love the thrill of battling the fish through the murky water. We even made up a little fishing jingle, which goes: Oh the weather outside is delighting, And the fish they may be biting, If you’ve no place to go, Find a hole! Find a hole! Find a hole! (Sung to the tune of Let it Snow.)

In the summer, it’s all about fishing. Even my birthday cake on May 15, and her birthday which followed May 28, was all about fishing. I even had the bakery write our favorite saying on her cake this year: “Fish On!”

I bought a new hat this year – it’s a fish holding a sign which reads “Hunt More Deer!” So far this year I don’t think the fish have much to fear, but we hope that our best fishing days are yet to come. My stepdaughter says, “A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work.”

The Old Farmer’s Almanac lists these days in 2009 as the best fishing: June 22-July 7, July 21-Aug. 5, Aug. 20-Sept. 4, Sept. 18-Oct. 4, Oct. 18-Nov. 2, Nov. 16-Dec. 2 and Dec. 16-31.

We are looking forward to many fishing trips to the river this summer. When the fishing for us is done (we usually end our river fishing in late summer), all I can say is hunt more deer. (Deer hunting ranks right up there with fishing for me.)

But for now, fish on!