Food Service Inspections - Aug. 27, 2014

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 The following food sanitation inspections were conducted by the LaRue County Health Center. The rating of the establishment is determined by subtracting weighted point totals of noted violations from 100. Unannounced inspections observe the overall operation including food source and protection, personnel, food equipment and utensil, maintenance of water and sewage systems, garbage and refuse disposal, insect, rodent and animal control, and storage of toxic items among others. Critical violations, four and five points in weight, if uncorrected carry the potential to be an imminent threat to public health. These items must be corrected in a time designated by the health department, not to exceed 10 days. 

Breaking Bread, 105 S. Walters Ave., Hodgenville, Aug 5, 89, follow-up 98; equipment and utensils stored in hand sink, immediately corrected; inside cold units unclean and fan in prep area unclean; single service items not stored properly, on floor; fly strip in prep area, immediately corrected.

LaRue County Senior Citizen, 112 N. Walters Ave, Hodgenville, Aug. 5, 99; wiping cloths not stored properly in sanitizer bucket.

Little Mexico, LLC, 800 S. Lincoln Blvd., Hodgenville, Aug. 5, 94; food product not properly, uncovered and unapproved bags; water build-up in bottom of prep cooler; wiping cloths not properly stored in sanitizer; drink nozzles and hoses on boxes unclean, container used to store salsa cups is unclean; lights in prep area not properly shielded.

Hodgenville Grill, 704 S. Lincoln Blvd., Hodgenville, July 28, 81, follow-up 90; dented cans, food product not properly date checked and food product out of date, immediately corrected; food product out of temperature 52 degrees, sour cream, syrup, whipped topping, immediately corrected; small cold unit not maintaining proper temperature; gasket on small unit in poor repair, stove/oven in poor repair, glass broken, burner covers in poor repair, prep sink in back area in poor repair, corrected; inside ice machine unclean, storage rack in back unclean, drink nozzles and hoses unclean, inside freezer unclean, inside microwave unclean, slicer unclean; towel dispenser in poor repair at hand sink; floor tiles in poor repair, floors in freezer unclean, floors unclean around fryer, build up; wall and siding around dish washer unclean, poor repair, ceiling leaking in back area.