Food Service Inspections

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 The following food sanitation inspections were conducted by the LaRue County Health Center. The rating of the establishment is determined by subtracting weighted point totals of noted violations from 100. Unannounced inspections observe the overall operation including food source and protection, personnel, food equipment and utensil, maintenance of water and sewage systems, garbage and refuse disposal, insect, rodent and animal control, and storage of toxic items among others. Critical violations, four and five points in weight, if uncorrected carry the potential to be an imminent threat to public health. These items must be corrected in a time designated by the health department, not to exceed 10 days.


Ayianna's Mexican Restaurant, 330 S. Lincoln Blvd., Hodgenville, 97, June 5, follow-up. No person in charge to demonstrate knowledge of food safety at time of inspection

Subway,107 Lincoln Dr., Hodgenville, 98, June 19. Floors in poor repair

Todd’s Lunchbox,105 S. Walters Ave., Hodgenville, 98, June 19. Violation: bathroom

Wrolen Pin,2533 Lincoln Farm Road, Hodgenville, 93, June 26. Violation: food protection, food equipment, plumbing

Country Charm Café LLC, 177 Magnolia St., Upton, 79, June 26, follow-up 93. Critical violation: personnel, corrected.

Mid-Kentucky Stockyard Restaurant, 13579 S. Dixie Hwy., Upton, 93, April 24, follow-up 97. Critical violation: food source, corrected.

The Life Connection, 81 Buds Lake Road, Sonora, 93, June 19. Violations: Food, equipment, utensils, floors, walls.