Flood help thanks

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Letter to the editor

By The Staff

Sunday morning, as we monitored the rising water conditions around Athertonville, it became apparent that our only course of action was to evacuate my parents and their neighbors from the path of the rising floodwaters. I would like to express my gratitude to those who came to the rescue in the heavy rainfall as the floodwaters rose to assist the residents of Athertonville.

Chris Jackson of the LaRue County Department of Emergency Management was in the area tracking the progression of the situation. He monitored the area through the crisis. He kept us up-to-date and was instrumental in providing a security watch against vandals and looters. He is continuing to be a tremendous help through recovery. He is truly a great asset to his department. He has gone above and beyond his call of duty.

The owners of Edlin Brothers Inc., a trucking company based in Lyons Station volunteered the free use of their dry van trailers. They brought their equipment and assisted in loading and moving items to a safe and dry location. They also provided a trailer for the Kentucky Railway Museum allowing much of the museum’s property to be spared.

There is a special place in heaven for a firefighter. Manpower was needed to load the residents’ personal property into the trailers. One phone call to New Haven-Rolling Fork Fire Department was all it took. Within a few minutes the fire department was on the scene with their fire apparatus. This was a two-fold blessing. A couple of these men set up traffic control, as others helped load furniture and belongings. The red lights on the equipment helped in controlling the increasing amount of sight seeing. There were cars, trucks, and tractor trailers parked along the roadway blocking one lane of U.S. 31E. We were very concerned of the danger of this situation, made worse by the diminished visibility and slick roadway from the heavy rainfall. We thank God for the response of the New Haven-Rolling Fork Fire Department.

To those who came to help in our time of need, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You make our community the place that we proudly call home.

Tina Skaggs