Fiscal Court: Courthouse getting new phones

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By Ron Benningfield

LaRue County courthouse offices will receive a phone system upgrade projected to save the county $800 per month, Tommy Turner, county judge-executive, told magistrates meeting at the courthouse in Hodgenville May 28.

Turner said the upgrade which he hopes to have completed within the next month through Comcast, will include recabling the courthouse, will result in faster Internet service, and will be upgraded every four years with all maintenance and repair costs included.

In other business, magistrates approved a tentative budget and re-occurring bill payment. The budget approval will be sent to the state for comments before the county starts the formal budget process, Turner said.  

The bill payment approval will be to prevent late payment charges for what Turner called “standard” bills such as utility, phone and lease agreements which must be paid each month, sometimes with due dates between court meetings.

Mike Cottrell, director of emergency medical services, reported 132 ambulance runs in April.
Clyde Veirs, county road supervisor, said crews filled sunken spots on A.C. Underwood Road; cleaned ditches and shoulders on Corinth Road; installed entrance tiles on Chestnut Fork Road and Red Bud Drive; filled potholes on Jenkins, Milby, Lanny Heath, Tally-Oak Hill, Powell-Murray and Ferrill Hill roads; graded a section of Wayne Ennis Road; cut a ditchline and reset a section of concrete tile on Goodin-Williams Road; installed a stop sign on Brian Avenue, and reset a 35-mph sign on Kyle Street.