Fiscal Court: Commissioners reappointed to water district

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By Ron Benningfield

Magistrates reappointed John Detre and Pat Eastridge to the LaRue County Water District Number One board while meeting at the LaRue County Courthouse May 14.
Terms of Detre, chairman, and Eastridge, commissioner, will expire in May 2017.
The court concurred with Land of Lincoln Planning and Zoning’s approval to rezone one acre of land at 1493 Weldon Loop belonging to Brenda Johnson from A1 to R1A and an acre at 155 Knob Schoolhouse Road, Garry Hayes owner, from A1 to R1B.
Clyde Veirs, county road supervisor, reported crews have cleaned ditches on Hawkins and Polley roads and Mill Street; are digging out pumped-up areas on A.C. Underwood Road; widened a bridge on Edlin Hill Road; mow trimmed Strange, Hines, Country Lane and B.F. Brown roads.
Tony Stewart, first district magistrate, reported a section of Eugenia Avenue in Hutcherson Heights holding water after a rain.  
Ronald Dale Nunn, third district magistrate, requested repairs to washed-out areas on DeSpain Road.
Fourth district magistrate W.L. Miller, asked for repairs to potholes on Jenkins Road.