Fifth-grader plays in regional golf tourney

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His home adjoins front nine at LaRue County Country Club

By Ron Benningfield

Although only a fifth-grade student, Cameron Dawson competed in the regional golf tournament last week.

He has two years’ experience playing on LaRue County High School’s varsity golf team.

He’s been playing the sport for six years, partly because he can step into his back yard and he’s practically on the LaRue County Country Club course’s front nine.   

“As our house was being built, we would make a point to play a couple holes of golf while we were out there,” said Cameron’s dad, David, a teacher and athletic director at the high school. “He loved to drive the golf cart and then get out and hit the ball.“

Because the youngster had some early success hitting the ball, he gradually became confident in his swing. His father thinks confidence is the main strength that helps Cameron the most on the course.

“He is confident in his abilities and is always seeking to improve,” said Dawson. “Cameron is able to manage the course fairly well, has a good grasp of what club he needs to use, which is often difficult for young and old golfers.”

He said his son has also improved greatly on his patience. 

“He tends to play fast which can cost him some strokes, especially on the green,” Dawson said. “My dad (Marvin Dawson) fully understands the game and has slowed Cameron down a lot, helping him with course management the past couple years.” 

On his home course, Cameron averages 38-42 strokes on the par 36 front nine, depending on what tee boxes he uses. On other courses, he carries a 44-48 nine-hole average.

“Cameron loves to compete whether it be against someone else or the golf course,” Dawson said. “He really enjoys driving the ball and has confidence in hitting the fairways.”

Dawson has, over the last year, seen a big improvement in Cameron’s iron play.

“Cameron has learned a great deal from Coach Collins as well as neighbor Kyle Meredith, who has played golf with him more than anyone around.” 

In addition to golf, Cameron plays little league football, basketball and baseball.

“Cameron is constantly doing something,” his dad said.

Cameron’s teammates Jedidiah Wolford, James Redding and Jessie Hornback; and Lady Hawks Michelle Burroughs and Hillary Eastridge, also competed in the regional golf tournament.