Farrar's art takes Best of Show

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By Ron Benningfield

 Forget the traditional French beret, easel, palette and paintbrushes when Elizabeth Farrar sits down to create a work of art.


Farrar, a 2006 LaRue County High School graduate, is a digital artist who creates art with a stylus and computer.

Her digital painting, “Wallpaper,” won best of show at a Savannah, Ga., art exhibit last month.

In winning, Farrar, the daughter of LCHS English teacher Laura Farrar, beat out 300 other entrants at the Savannah gallery.

The artist is obtaining her master’s degree in illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design. She holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the University of Louisville.

She said the judges were shocked at how a piece done on computer could look so much like an oil painting when printed.

“I used a textured background on my painting, a collage technique, that gave it a look of fabric,” she said.

The painting shows a young girl in a dress picking up a cat in a room wallpapered with flowers.

“The overarching element in the painting is the wallpaper,” Farrar said.

Near the corner of the room, and just above the cat is a large tear in the wallpaper.

The scene causes the viewer to question if the girl was simply picking up the cat, or if she was removing it from the room because the animal had just leapt onto the wall and, sliding down, ripped the wallpaper.

“That’s good if the painting causes them to ask questions,” she said. “I meant the work as a mix of naturalism —the human and cat — and surrealism — positioning the cat and human, who are quite different, together in the scene.”

She said she incorporated the tear in the scene to “break up the sameness of the background.”

Farrar hopes to pursue her artistic talents as an illustrator or editor.