Even Job asked ‘why me’

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Column by Phyllis Perkins

By Phyllis Perkins

As we study the book of Job, we find he is a man singled out by God himself as blameless and upright.

God allowed Satan to attack Job. In one day, Job lost his family and his wealth. Then Satan afflicted Job with agonizing open sores, but Job remained faithful.

When three of his friends came to visit, Job told them he wished he had died at birth. They tried to convince him he was being punished because of some hidden sin, but Job was clear there was no hidden sin.

The book of Job does not tell why God allows good people to suffer. Some people feel driven to ask “why,” but Job learned to simply trust God no matter what comes.

Job finally understood that God is great beyond human comprehension and human beings are weak and limited.

We are the creature and the Creator does not have to explain himself to us, but we know that the Lord is very compassionate and merciful (James 5:11).

God restored all Job had lost and more. Our Lord’s ultimate desire is to bless.