Estes, Armes form team in home business

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Zija described as all-natural drink high in nutrients

By The Staff

Two LaRue County educators have entered the business side of health drinks.

Chris Estes, a physical education and health teacher at LaRue County Middle School and triathlete, was looking for a healthful beverage to enhance his training. He heard about Zija, an all-natural drink high in several nutrients, and was impressed by its results.

Zija is made from roots, leaves and pods of the moringa plant, the 2008 National Institute of Health plant of the year. The plant has high amounts of calcium, vitamin C and potassium.

Zija International also produces XM3 or “Extreme Moringa,” that contains additives for appetite control and natural energy.

Estes, along with Rodney Armes, LaRue County High School assistant principal and head football coach, decided to market the drink. So far, they’re pleased with the reception Zija has been given in the community.

“This opportunity allows me to help others improve their health and also earn extra income on a part-time basis,” said Estes.

Armes said the concept fit his busy schedule as he was looking for a “home-based business opportunity with great tax benefits ….”

According to Estes, Zija users have reported improvements in digestion, sleep, clarity, overall well-being and symptom reductions associated with allergies, fatigue, diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis and aging. It’s available in 5 1/2 ounce cans and is kosher and halal certified.

Estes was the first distributor of Zija in Kentucky.

“There are many people of all ages using the product, building a business and having incredible results,” said Estes.

For more information about Zija, contact Estes at 270-872-6219 or cestes14@comcast.net or Armes at 270-735-1160 or rodneyarmes@alltel.net.

Zija product formulator Russ Bianchi will speak about the beverage 10 a.m. March 14 at the Elizabethtown Tourism Center. There is no admission charge.