ESSAY: My hero, who is a Kentucky farmer

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By Cyrus Bivens

My Hero, Who Is a Kentucky Farmer

By:  Cyrus Bivens

Ryan Bivens is the best farmer in the world. Last year he won the Kentucky Farmer award and won a new truck. This year he has combined more so he can make money and help feed the cows, horses, pigs and other animals. He has two little boys named Cyrus (me) and Avery and my momma named Misty. 

We try to be the sweetest boys ever. They are the two farmers of all our farmland. They always farm together. Misty brings food to everyone when they are busy.   

We always farm together as a family. Misty brings food to Dad and his workers when they are farming every single week. They always plant food for animals and people. They raise food so that they can feed people their lunch at school and supper at home. They combine and run the tractor and grain cart for the corn, soybeans and wheat. Wheat makes bread. You use soybeans to make soy sauce.

A little while ago we had to get soybean, corn and wheat awards and had our picture taken for winning these awards. My dad worked very hard for these awards. He is a very good farmer. I like to help my dad on the farm. Other farmers farm like my dad, but they don’t raise as much as my dad does. I like that we farm as a family. We always farm together. 

Ryan Bivens is the best farmer I know. He is a Kentucky farmer, and my hero.