ON EDUCATING LARUE: K-PREP assessments arrive this month

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By Ron Benningfield

 When K-PREP (statewide assessment) reports arrive later this month, the school report card will be available online while LaRue County’s schools will send hard copies of individual student reports home.

The one-page (front and back) student report not only will show the level of the student’s performance (novice, apprentice, proficient, and distinguished) but also will reveal how the student’s scores on the academic subjects compare with school, district and state average scores. 

These comparisons are shown in percentile rankings which mean that the student scored at or above the level of a certain percentage of students who took the test. For instance, if a student has a percentile ranking of 68 in reading, he has scored equal to or higher than 68 percent of students who took that test.

One side of the report will show the actual percentile numbers; the other side contains bar graphs that indicate at which of the four performance levels the student’s score lies for each subject. 

The report also explains more about what each performance level means and includes “supporting activities” intended to increase the student’s skills in each subject area.

Included in the report are Lexile and Quantile scores. Lexile scores can help match a reader with reading material that is at an appropriate level, or help give an idea of how well a reader will comprehend a text. It can also be used to monitor a reader's growth in reading ability over time.

Quantile scores indicate how well a student understands mathematical concepts and skills at his grade level. A higher Quantile measure within a specific grade range indicates that a student probably has very few problems with grade-level material (textbooks and assignments) in school. A lower score indicates that a student most likely struggles to understand and succeed with grade-level material.

School report card

School and District Report Cards provide information including test performance, teacher qualifications, student safety, awards, parent involvement and much more.

The School Report Card will have an overall score that will be converted to a percentile ranking showing how well that school did in relationship to other schools of similar grades.

Schools will be considered distinguished if they attain a percentile rank of 90 or better, meaning that they performed better than 90 percent of respective elementary, middle or high schools.

If their percentile rank falls between 70 and 90, they will be at the proficient level. Those lying below the 70th percentile will be deemed as needing improvement.

Every school will be expected to grow (increase its percentile score) each year relative to where it was the previous year. The report will include a numerical annual goal toward which the school is to strive.