Easter brings a second chance

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Season of the new life

By George Smith

The resurrection account of Jesus contains two words that make all the difference in Simon Peter’s life. The women had come to anoint the body of Jesus. They were amazed to find the tomb empty as an angelic being announced Jesus’ resurrection. The two words that make all the difference is “and Peter.”

“Go tell the disciples ... and Peter” (Mark 16:7).

Why are these words there? Peter had denied Jesus in the hour of testing and needed to be encouraged. He needed a new beginning and a second chance.

What is the message of the empty tomb? A second chance. Easter means hope, a new start, a new life, a new opportunity, a chance to make a new beginning. “And Peter” reveals that the second chance is possible. You may feel that you have blown it and like Simon Peter you need a new beginning.

How is the second chance possible? Because of the resurrection of Jesus.  Without the resurrection there would be no gospel, no good news and no new beginning. “And Peter.” When Peter heard those words he knew there was a second chance.

The Bible is full of men and women who received a second chance – Moses, David, Jonah to name a few. There are not many second chances that exist in the world, but with God there is always a second chance.

“And Peter” shows how Jesus singled Peter out individually. At first he had been called Simon, but Jesus said you will be called “Peter” (petros, rock). When Peter heard “and Peter” he knew the Lord still believed in him. He had failed, but Peter still had potential.

“Go tell the disciples ... and Peter.” God still uses people to change our world. People like you and me. People like Simon Peter. Sin can wreck hearts, homes, plans and people, but it cannot make God cease loving you. Easter means there is another chance.

“And Peter” speaks volumes to us. We can get up from our failures because of a second chance. Easter reminds us of God of the second chance. Thank God he can still use us even when we have messed up in the past. He is the God of the second chance.

Has anyone failed? The Lord wants you to put your name in that verse. Two words make all the difference. “And Peter.” God gives you a second chance. He wants to live in you and through you to accomplish his will. Allow him to have his way in your life.