DUI CASE: Judge overrules some motions, to consider others

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By Linda Ireland

Several motions in Sam Sanders’ DUI case were overruled Thursday in LaRue District Court by Special Judge Lisa P. Jones.

Doug Hubbard, Sanders’ attorney, had asked for the case against the school superintendent to be dismissed due to the release by police of a dash cam video. The tape was shown by several TV stations.

Judge Jones took the request under submission and will make a written ruling.

Hubbard asked also for some of Sanders’ statements made to police on the night of his arrest (March 29) be suppressed. Jones overruled the motion.

Hubbard requested several items be presented for Sanders’ defense, including information about the preliminary breath test machine, training manuals and certification of the arresting officer. The items should be delivered to the defense in about a month.

A court date was not set for review of the items.

Sanders’ driver’s license was revoked in April as he refused to take a breathalyzer test – that would be admissible in court – after his arrest. He is eligible to have his driving privileges returned on Aug. 2.

According to state law, a refusal of a person who is suspected of DUI to take a blood, breath or urine test results in revocation of driving privilege.

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