Duckworth Insurance adds AAA policies to lineup

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By Linda Ireland

Duckworth Insurance, a constant in Hodgenville for more than 110 years, is offering a new service.

It has been appointed an independent agent for auto insurance from another old-timer - AAA.

AAA has been a “leader in automotive safety and travel services” for more than a century, according to Randi Clark, an agent for Duckworth Insurance. AAA is rated “A” for excellent by A.M. Best, the insurance industry’s largest independent rating organization.

“We’re excited to have them,” Clark said.

In addition to providing discounted home and auto insurance through AAA, Duckworth will sell memberships and accept renewal payments.

Duckworth is the only insurance agency in LaRue County that offers the AAA connection, Clark said.

“We’ve had a lot of people call in about it,” Clark said. “They see the (AAA) sign in the window and ask if they can make their payment here. It saves a trip to E’town.”

Duckworth will not handle trip planning; however, they can provide almost any other information about AAA services.

Friday’s icy roads had many people thinking about one of AAA’s most popular features – roadside assistance, according to Clark. Other people enjoy the discounts they receive with the AAA card from retail and entertainment outlets.

AAA auto insurance also provides 24-hour claim service and contacts for reputable repair shops.

For more information, contact Clark, Agent Woody Hahn or Customer Service Representative Amy Clan at 358-4177.