Don’t call me cat crazy just because Buu has his own Facebook page

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Living life as a 'Crazy Cat Lady'

By Mary Vaughn

Being an animal lover, particularly cats, has been full of ups and downs. And not from the cats.

I’ve been called “Crazy Cat Lady,” “Cat Woman” and even “The Cat Whisperer.” (I secretly like that one). I’ve seen Dr. Berry look at me askance when I answer his questions in my “Buu voice” or make impertinent comments on Buu’s behalf. The thermometer remarks were not too welcome.

I’ve been stared at, waved at and the cause of a few “almost accidents” while driving cross country with Buu on my shoulder and Spike laying in the back window. I admit my flaws – I can be a danger to myself and others when it comes to the furry babies.

But I have never, no never, been witness to the mania found on the Internet. In my wildest dreams I would never have imagined the plethora of pet loving citizens of the world.

It started as a lark between my sister Sue and I. I created a Facebook page for Buu and Sue, social butterfly that she is, messaged all of her friends to become friends of his. And let me tell you, those granola munching, tree-hugging folks in northern California went bananas over “The Buu.” He had more than 60 friends in the first two days.

And not just those weird “Internet friends,” either. They wanted to know everything about him. Thank heavens he loves to talk about himself while getting to know new people. His new friends run the spectrum, from the beautiful belly dancer, Karima, to the quirky, hat-wearing Dominic, even the pirate Jack Spareribs and the Renaissance Faire clothing designer, Steven. They come from all walks of life, with one thing in common – they love those animals.

Things became a bit more amusing when he began getting friend requests from abroad. First it was Annika from Finland (human) and precious Mimi Dushands (feline) from Paris. Then a noble French terrier named Napoleon Bounaparte made Buu a general in his pet army.

That’s when the gates opened to a whole other world of animal fanatics that make me look suddenly sane by comparison.

Buu loves to be the center of attention. Now he thinks his celebrity has gone global, thanks to the World Wide Web.

I’m sure this is how it was intended to be used.