Dobson's message: 'Safety First'

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By Rebecca Roscoe

 Dale Dobson, safety administrator in the division of agriculture education and outreach with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, was guest speaker at the Oct. 16 LaRue County Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

Dobson’s presentation titled “Life, Death and Reality” touched on key points about farm equipment and ATV safety for children and adults.

 “We bring farm safety shows, rescue classes, ATV safety and rescue demonstrations, grain safety and rescue demonstrations, agricultural chemical safety classes, large animal safety and rescue classes… to the community,” said Dobson, who hosted his first safety symposium in LaRue County in February 1994.

 “No matter how old you area you’re old enough to make life and death decisions. Safety affects everyone.”

Dobson said 90 percent of all farm related accidents could be prevented with the use of two things – roll bars and seatbelts.

The agriculture and education outreach division works alongside local farmers in addition to working with local organizations or safety enforcement offices such as local fire and police departments, and the University of Kentucky extension offices.

“Our most valuable asset is our farmers,” Dobson said.

Dobson said the department of agriculture works closely with local 4-H and FFA students, and hosts an annual “Pep Rally” for Life at LaRue County High School.

Children’s safety camps have also sprouted up throughout the state; further encouraging parents to educate their children on safety protocols.

“We have had parents, teachers, and employers call us to make a safety display for them or to bring one to them to help show specific safety procedures that fit to whatever scenario they are trying to prevent or educate others about,” Dobson said.

“Why do I want to bring awareness? To prevent it from happening. It’s all about keeping our children alive.”

The division of agriculture education and outreach with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture conducts on average 112 programs per year, reaching at least 1 million people across the state.

For more information on safety outreach initiatives visit the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s website at www.kyagr.com and click on the promotional programs tab, or call Dale Dobson at 502-564-4983.