Dirt being hauled out of city; mayor says more is available

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By Linda Ireland

A lot of dirt is being excavated as the City’s sewer line and water main improvement project progresses.
The City is responsible for disposing of the soil, as part of the agreement with the contractor, said Hodgenville Mayor Terry Cruse.
A number of loads have been hauled and deposited at Vic Kahill’s property on Lincoln Farm Road. Cruse said the property has a “large hole” at the back of the lot.
“He allows us to bring out any debris we have on this project – and any project,” said Cruse. “Dirt, concrete, as long as it’s (environmentally safe).”
The state and county also haul clean fill dirt to the site, according to Kahill.
The city’s backhoe has been parked at the site. A person who has been trained in its use (but not a city employee, Cruse said) “pushes the dirt over the hill.”
Cruse said the City has additional dirt that needs a home.
“Probably 100 dump truck loads of dirt” – the remnants of the construction on Lincoln Square during the Lincoln Bicentennial – is “sitting at the fairgrounds” in need of a new owner.
He has been trying to find someone interested in hauling the dirt away.
“They’re welcome to it,” said Cruse. “We may even help load it if we have time.”