Democracy provides freedom and equality

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By The Staff

What type of government do you have in your country? There are so many to choose from. One could have one of two types of monarchies. A person might have a democracy, which is what my country has. Also one can have a dictatorship.

Monarchies have a king and queen who may rule with total authority or who may not rule depending of the type of monarchy. In an absolute monarchy, the monarch has complete control over all people’s lives. In a constitutional monarchy, the monarch has no authority over the people and the monarch’s purpose is to carry out ceremonies and duties. 

The leader in a constitutional monarchy is a prime minister or president who is selected by a lawmaking branch that was elected by the people. In both types of monarchies, the king or queen obtains their power through bloodline. Monarchies have very few similarities to a democracy.

Democracies give people rights and freedom such as voting, the pursuit of happiness and liberty. Democracy started in Athens, Greece long ago during the B.C. era. The coolest part about a Democracy is that it provides freedoms and allows for the equality of the people.

Also, part of the definition of democracy is equality and freedom. The leader in a democracy is usually an official or group of officials that are voted for by the people. This person can’t rule with total authority, but must follow the rule of the people. Although democracy was developed long ago in Greece, it really became popular during the Renaissance movement because of humanism.

A dictatorship always has to have a leader who is in complete control of everything and everyone. A dictator is someone who has great power and abuses it. To become a dictator, the person must get the military to be on his or her side. The dictator uses the military to conquer the land and the people. The people usually always suffer from harsh treatment from the dictator.

This government is not always the best to have for the people.                    

Chloe Owen is a sixth grader at LaRue County Middle School and the daughter of Mary and David Owen. She is involved in band, sports and the Beta Club. Her career ambition is to become a fashion designer.