Dangerous intersection

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There are dangerous intersections everywhere.  Where you travel daily certainly has an influence on what you think is the most dangerous and has more significance to you.  But those that show up in the paper with some regularity begin to paint a distinct picture.  This week, another wreck at the intersection of 210 and 2217 (Phillips Lane) is a perfect example.

So what makes a particular intersection conducive to an accident?  Is it the drivers: speeding, distracted, impatient, irresponsible, or unqualified?  Is it the road: bad topography, difficult terrain, bad shoulders, narrow culverts, poor sightlines, weather conditions, or excessive traffic?  In this case, I know that a poor sightline is a major factor.  If you are on Phillips Lane looking south on 210, large trees on the corner lot obscure your vision tremendously.  And the taller the vehicle, the worse it becomes.  Semi trucks, tractors, combines, sprayers, and the like find it nearly impossible to get a good look down the street without pulling halfway into the intersection.

With the accidents and near misses I have seen, I will take the time to make a call, today, about this intersection.  As you travel and see problems, tell us about it.  But don't just gripe, be prepared to make suggestions to fix the problem.  Maybe we can all drive a little safer.